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If you’re working from home and your kids aren’t in school right now you’re not driving as much as usual. Making a small adjustment to your insurance policy will save you some money.

Changing your vehicle’s status from; “To / From Work or Commute” to
“Pleasure” will reduce your insurance rates. Not a ton of money, but right now, a little bit of it can help!

The different coverages include:

  • To/From Work or commute: When you use your vehicle to commute to and from your work and/or school.
  • Business: If your vehicle is used for one or all of the following:
    • used to make sales calls
    • used as vehicle for business trips to bank or post office, picking up supplies, going to different locations
    • owned or leased by a partnership or corporation that have a business listed as an additional interest on the car
  • Farm: If your vehicle is used primarily on a farm, ranch or orchard
  • Pleasure: No other description applies and/or the car is rarely used such as a weekend car. Typically this car is driven for fun without using it for regular commute or business.
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As you can see, if you are at home and not driving a lot every day you can classify your vehicles as β€œPleasure”. Depending on your insurance company you might be able to do this online, or you might need to make a call.

Of course, make sure to change it back when you start commuting to work again!

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