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  • 【Laundry Dryer Balls】- The Wool dryer balls are natural and better alternative to liquid Fabric softener, dryer sheets and plastic hedgehog dryer balls as seen as TV.
  • 【Organic Dryer Balls】-The eco wool dryer balls are handmade of 100% Premium New Zealand Wool, NO FILLERS, NO CHEMICALS, NO SYNTHETICS! (Safe and Perfect for those with sensitive skin & babies).Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners, Saves Money.
  • 【Softens Laundry Naturally】-Our wool balls help you save energy by significantly shorten drying time by up to 25%, reduce waste, and you can use them for 1000+ loads. Keep your clothes even softer and smelling good than before. Wool Dryer Balls Reduce The Need To Iron Your Laundry And Minimize Clothing Damage While Lengthening Your Clothes Life.
  • 【Reduce wrinkles】-Dryer balls can reduce wrinkles, static cling, twisting, tangling, lint & pet hair. The gray wool dryer balls help eliminate static cling from your dark and colored clothing so you can skip harsh chemicals.
  • 【LAUNDRY CAN BE FUN】-You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your wool dryer balls, giving your laundry a soothing, refreshing fragrance.

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