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  • An Artwork among Walkie Talkies: exquisite exterior design, ingenious interior structure, the best gift toy for your kids ever.
  • Especially for Kids (3-12 years): smaller size, larger LCD backlit, ergonomic button layouts, which are easier to operate by one hand.
  • More Than A Toy: transmitting range up to 3 miles, crystal voice quality out of powerful speaker and highly sensitive microphone, TRUE Walkie Talkies also suitable for adults.
  • Various Usage Scenario: the design of IPX4 waterproof and antioxidant corrosive-resistant gold-plating PCBA allows the talkies to work in extreme (humid or hot) condition, such as rainy day, snowfield, seaside, forest and jungles, and deserts; work temperature between minus 20 to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Ideal for Gifts: Good choice for Holiday, Christmas and birthday gifts. Kids of all ages and adult will love them.

Price & Code May Change at any time!

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